Soaking Jared (Malec)

Duration: 19:56 Views: 7.6K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2020
Description: Jared's one of those "boyfriend material" guys - cute, sexy, always has a smile on his face, super friendly and easygoing... and he has a big dick and an insatiable hole. He's a treat to be around, and his fellow CF studs are finding he's a treat to get paired up with! Malec is the one enjoying that treat here, as he has his way with Jared's hole! No doubt this pairing is a treat for Jared, as well. Jared is in his element when taking a hard pounding from a stiff dick, and that's precisely the situation he finds himself in with Malec. We recently saw Jared getting completely drenched by Kyler's load in their pairing, and Jared once again ends a super hot episode totally coated in cum in this one - a trend he does not mind one bit.