Organ Donor

Duration: 50:28 Views: 7.5K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2021
Description: Directors Conrad Parker , Walden Woods. Disruptive Films Studio. Models Chris Damned, Dale Savage, Levi Rhodes, Kyle Connors, Hoss Kado, Calvin Banks. After receiving a heart transplant, Preston Gale (Levi Rhodes) is having some feelings he's never felt before. Once he has the contacts for the donor's family, Preston reaches out to the donor's brother Jesse Blanchard (Kyle Connors) and sets up a meeting with him and Jesse's best friend, AJ Frazier (Hoss Kado) to learn more about the Organ Donor. When Dale (Dale Savage) convinces his step-son, Peter (Calvin Banks) to work at his company for the summer, Peter doesn't know what to expect. Once he starts in the position, he realizes that it wasn't Dale's idea that he get involved with the company, but that of Dale's boss Rich (Chris Damned). It doesn't take long for Peter to learn the truth about Rich and Dale's relationship, and what part he'll have in it.