Big Hoses

Duration: 23:54 Views: 7.5K Submitted: 7 months ago Year: 2021
Description: (Models Skyy Knox, William Seed, Malik Delgaty). Firefighters William Seed and Malik Delgaty are preparing for their calendar photo shoot by washing their truck and themselves. When their fellow fireman Skyy Knox arrives with photographer Thyle Knoxx, the three muscular hunks pose so sexily that they make the photographer's hands shake and his cock hard! After they save Thyle from a fire, he watches as Skyy starts kissing down Malik's chest and sucking first his cock, then William's. The bottom gets fucked doggystyle by Malik as he goes down on William, then takes turns riding both tops' dicks. Malik fucks Skyy until the bottom cums, then Skyy gets on his knees as William and Malik turn their big hoses on his face.