Dennis Skala and Josh Cavalin

Duration: 22:25 Views: 1.8K Submitted: 1 month ago Year: 2021
Description: Josh Cavalin eagerly waits for his roommate Dennis Skala to leave because he's got a new toy hiding under the pillow and he's eager to try it out. The moment Josh "thinks" he's alone he pulls out a dildo, strips out of his clothes and lays back on the sofa with his legs spread exposing his tight, sweet ass. His long, uncut cock is standing straight up as he pushes the dildo slowly into his hole. He starts fucking himself and jacking his cock all while Dennis is peaking around the corner watching Josh's little sex show. Dennis walks in startling Josh and he drops to his knees in front of Josh. He takes control of the dildo and begins fucking Josh with it while licking and sucking his rock-hard cock. Dennis stands up, pulls down his pants and lays back on the sofa. Josh leans over and swallows Dennis' thick piece of man-meat while playing with his tight, firm balls. When Dennis' boner is standing at full mast Josh climbs on top and sits straight down. Josh is soon riding Dennis' cock allowing it to go deep inside him. Dennis grabs Josh's ass and while firmly holding him suspended in place, Dennis begins power-fucking from below. They go at it long and hard and ultimately Josh is on his back again, legs in the air and Dennis is pounding mercilessly at Josh's hole. Josh starts jacking his cock and as Dennis hits that "just right spot" Josh loses it and blows his load of cum all over his abs and chest. This sends Dennis over the edge and he pulls out just in time to squirt a thick stream of creamy white jizz all over Josh.