The Insatiables - Dalton Sirius & Ricky Ibañez

Duration: 17:06 Views: 25K Submitted: 8 years ago Year: 2016
Description: This week not one but two new mates make their debut on Fuckermate. We’ve matched them up and the result is an explosive raw sex scene to be enjoyed to the end. Dalton Sirius is hung, horny and always eager to pound some submissive bottom with his huge cock and Ricky Ibanez is the right guy for that job. Ricky can’t wait to get his new buddy’s dick and balls out of his pants and soon he gets on his knees and turns his attention on them, sucking and licking with insatiable gusto. Dalton reaction can be only one: he gets harder and harder and reveals us to be a horny fucker, eager to destroy and deep-fuck Ricky’s hungry ass-hole. The little bottom boy can not ask for more and surrends completely to the will of the wild bull Dalton.
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