John Riley, Venice Cub, Clint Taylor, Bear Clone

Duration: 23:26 Views: 6.4K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2005
Description: In another secret hole in the club, Arpad Miklos is meeting Joe Sport for the first time. What transpires between them is the capstone of the entire flick, having me sit transfixed with my remote in hand ... well, at least at the start of the scene. So much of porn has my finger hovering over the fast-forward button, but here, seconds ticked away into minutes as I waited to see just who would make the next move and what it would be. Arpad warms Joe up by spending long, teasing moments simply rubbing Joe's massive pecs and ridged stomach, keeping him rooted to the spot with eye contact. Just when you think he's going to unleash Joe's cock from his jeans, he doesn't, dragging the foreplay out until it's agony for the viewer. Arpad finally gets on his knees, popping one button at a time, sniffing Joe like a dog before freeing his fully erect prick from its confines. Joe Sport has got to have great control over his urge to cum, as Arpad mouths Joe's cock for minutes on end, Joe emitting low moans. Grabbing Joe by the hips and turning him around, Arpad gives equal time to his hole. I needn't have worried if Arpad's uncut cock was ever going to make an appearance. Maybe it's the way he stands, boot-clad feet about two feet apart, but watching Arpad get good head is a highlight. Think he comes off like the ultimate top just getting head? Wait until Joe submits and offers up his ass to Arpad. They start butt-fucking while standing, moving to a flat surface where Arpad can really penetrate. Maintaining total control over Joe with his eyes and a slight grin, Joe can't help but have a powerful orgasm.
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