Afternoon Man Hunt

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Description: It's mid-afternoon and husky Johnny Venture is on the hunt for a bad boy fuck. His horny mood drives him over to Manhunt where hairless golden boy Hunter Sykes PMs him. Bad boy Hunter is itching to take a big cock up his tight pink hole. Minutes later, the twinkish dude walks up the steps to Johnny's lair and heads right for the bedroom where our husky stud is waiting. As his new conquest enters the room, Johnny shuts down his laptop, greets his afternoon fuck and then sits back on his bed. As Hunter gets closer, Johnny inspects his new fuck friend, pulls him in close and locks lips. Seconds later, he instructs Hunter to stand up against the wall, get undress and close the room door. With every move he takes, Johnny follows up with more boy toy commands. Teasing Johnny with his bedroom eyes, Hunter turns around, pulls his underwear down and starts to pucker up his hairless crack. Johnny dirty talks Hunter into full-tilt slutty desire. Our hairy stud is more than happy with Hunter's obedient nature. But the kid can't wait to get his butt hole worked over by the hunky daddy-type jock bossing him around. Once he's completely naked - save the underwear, Hunter heads over towards Johnny and helps his daddy strip down while their lips make contact anew. Hunter then turns to face the wall as Johnny takes his boy's ass in hand and starts inspecting the goods. He spreads his twink's cheeks and stretches his hole. Then he zeroes in with his tongue. The talented rim job throws Hunter into a fit of desire. He moans and groans while Johnny keeps licking, sucking and slapping those white ass cheeks. But it's now time for Johnny to get his boy toy to service his stiff hard dick and hairy crotch. Hunter gets on all fours and keeps up his cock worshiping action. Johnny wants Hunter to know who's the boss. He starts slapping the kid's peach-fuzz covered face with his stiff cock. Hunter is in bitch heaven! Johnny keeps up the bossy tone, giving Hunter Boy the motivation he needs to keep his slippery tongue going. Hunter is like a six-year old having his way with a lollipop. The kid is sucking full tilt. But Johnny is still the one calling the shots and he decides to turn the tables and does his own talented cock-sucking job. Inked boy Hunter is a happy punk as he asks Johnny, "how far can you go daddy?" Well, minutes later, Daddy shows him exactly how far that will be. When Johnny says "It's time boy", Hunter can't lie still. He flips over and spins his ass into the air, lying face down, moaning as Johnny rips through his tight hole. Hunter is in pure ecstasy, moaning rhythmically with every fuck Johnny throws at him. Hard to believe, but Hunter gets even more worked up when he shifts position and starts riding his daddy's monster cock, begging him to hit his man pussy G spot. Johnny is having his way with Baby Cheeks as he keeps up the intense pace. After laying his boy toy on his side, he settles next to him prodding him on as the boy explodes his load. After a soothing moment of bliss, Johnny ramps it up and shoots a huge load of baby batter all over the boy's stomach and chest. Chalk this one up as another fine afternoon fuck for the Boss! - Hunter Sykes, Johnny Venture
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