Jogging For Glory

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Description: Colby’s training a new guy, jogger Christian Taylor, and pushing him beyond his limits… Never a moment’s respite when Colby’s got you busting your butt to win. Once the guys finished their run, Christian hit the shower and was chillin’ as the stream of warm water soothed his aching muscles. He was jolted from his daze, when he saw Colby gazing upon his lean and fit physique. Embarrassed, Colby suggests that they share the shower stall. Realizing that there are two shower heads, a nonchalant Christian nods in acceptance. As Colby enters the stall, his semi is on full display. And, once they are standing side-by-side, he keeps playing with his growing dick and stares hungrily at his young athlete. It’s now obvious to Christian where this is heading. Colby reaches over for Christian’s shoulder and draws him in. They start kissing while Colby’s now very stiff cock presses up against his young buddy’s flaccid meat. Colby cuts the water flow and they part lips. Christian gets on his knees and starts sucking on his coach’s boner. As he is nursing Colby’s stiff tool and slobbering lasciviously, he goes deep, gagging in the process. Little by little, Colby’s words become more directive and Christian is more and more obliging. The young athlete’s combined tongue, mouth and hand action is definitely having the desired effect on his mentor. Colby’s moaning and groaning nonstop. After a good long tongue work-out, the time has come for Colby to show his appreciation and switch roles. Sucking his young athlete is fine, but rimming him is even better. Facing the shower stall wall, Christian is gyrating his ass intensely while Colby is licking, tonguing and fingering the hairless hole. All this is Colby’s way of telling his boy that his ass is going to get the pounding of a lifetime. This is vintage Jansen prep work. He loves getting his bottom boys ready for the penetrating punch that they will get. And in Christian’s case, that is only seconds away. He’s begging for it and Colby doesn’t disappoint. He knows exactly how to pump an ass as his boy needs to brace himself against the wall, yet pleading for more. The kid can barely stand with each thrust. Suddenly the tempo slows and Christian moves to the opposite wall, leaning against it and raising his leg high, clearing the way for Colby’s very stiff cock. Colby just keeps going as Christian moans like a bitch in heat. Colby then slaps his ass, pulls out and lays down on the shower floor to let his boy simply crouch and ride. Christian pumps Colby’s cock hard as his dick flip-flops up and down, and back and forth. The action is intense, as is the moaning. Then, in a simple moment of silence, he pulls out and leans back in between his coach’s massive legs and jacks a nice pearly load out. Colby quickly stands up and jerks his own cock, hovering inches away from Christian’s face. He shoots a load that covers the kid’s face. With strings of cum hanging from his mouth and nose, Christian licks Colby’s glistening dick. Totally spent, it’s time for these guys to finish their shower - Colby Jansen, Christian Taylor
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