2 Bottoms and 2 Loads

Duration: 28:10 Views: 18K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2017
Description: Boy Fillmore has found two larger bottoms to bring back to his hotel room. He starts off by face fucking Matt Hart, a smooth little muscle stud with a hungry hole. As Boy starts to fuck Matt, he's making out with Milan Gamiani. Milan stands up on the bed and face fucks Boy, while Boy plows deeper into Matt's tight hole. Boy tells Milan that he wants his ass next. Milan eagerly bends over and starts taking Boy's thick cock up his hairy hole. As Boy fucks Milan, Matt jerks off in Milan's face, painting his beard with cum. This sets off Boy for load number one. He covers Milan's ass with sweet creamy cum. Milan gets down off the bed, drops to his knees and cleans the extra cum off Boy's still throbbing cock. The taste of cum drives Milan crazy and he busts his own nut all over Boy's shiny boot. Boy orders Milan to clean the cum from his boot. The sight off Milan liking his own load off that boot pulls another load from Boy's ball sac. He orders Milan to open his mouth and drops his second load right on Milan's tongue - Boy Fillmore, Milan Gamiani, Matt Hart