Leo Lombar - MILKING MEN

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Description: Leo Lombar is just about the sexiest guy you can imagine. With his hot, hairy body, and his handsome face his is simple perfection. He is at work, stacking things on top of a cupboard when he is quickly overcome by an intruder. Leo is gagged and shackled to his step ladder and the intruder begins to take his pleasure from feeling Leo's hot body. Leo wriths and struggles but cannot prevent his tee shirt being ripped open to reveal that hot body. The intruder runs his hands over Leo's hairy body. The nipples are rock hard and get tweaked as Leo writhes around. Then his shorts are opened and a hand reaches inside to feel his cock and balls. Leo cannot prevent it, and the shorts are lowered to expose his cock. The cockhead peeks out of the foreskin and the errant hand grabs the dick and wanks it a little. Leo's shorts are removed, showing off his massive thighs. The intruder wanks on that beautiful cock, applying some oil to it as he works. Despite his best efforts Leo cannot stop his cock from getting hard as it is wanked. His balls tighten against the cock shaft too. The hands keep working on that beautiful cock, keeping it rock hard. Leo's body quivers as his cock throbs, needing to cum. But he isn't allowed to cum yet. The wanking gets harder and faster and Leo's dick is rock hard as it wants to drop his load. Then he is moved, bent over to expose his massive ass and the hot, tight hole. His dick is still hard and is wanked between his legs as oil is dripped onto his ass. A toy is rubbed over the tight hole and then starts to push inside. Leo grimaces but is powerless and feels the toy slide into his hole. It is fucked in and out of his ass as his cock is wanked too. That tight hole is stretched by the toy and keeps his cock throbbing. Leo is then moved again, standing up and the intruder wanks that cock again. The wanking keeps Leo on edge for quite a while and then he is allowed to cum.
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