Double Barrel: Chad Manning & Revel Milan

Duration: 23:37 Views: 11K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2009
Description: As TitanMen exclusive Chad Manning and Revel Milan wander through the woods on the prowl, they take a break to unleash steady streams of piss. As masculine, scruffybearded Chad unloads, handsome Revel can’t help but watch. Revel then takes his turn, the two smiling at each other before Chad beckons his friend closer. They settle into a clearing and put down their guns; no words are exchanged as Chad drops to his knees and goes for what he wants—Revel’s big, dark meat. Chad deep throats the stud’s uncut slab as Revel wraps his hand around his sucker’s head, then takes off his shirt to reveal his huge, smooth chest. Chad then pulls down his jeans to unleash his own big boner, which he soon stuffs down his pal’s mouth. Revel shows off his amazing lips and tongue, which beautifully wrap around Chad’s shaft. The slurp sounds get hotter as Revel’s attentive mouth gets to work, with huge spit streams dripping down. Chad then fires off a load right down the middle of Revel’s defined chest. The two head inside to the hardwood floors of a room overlooking the woods, getting cozy by the fireplace. The two kiss, with Chad towering over dark-haired Revel as their two stiff poles stick out. Revel gets on his stomach and offers his muscular ass for munching. He moans as his hole gets wet attention from Chad’s tongue, the perfect warm-up for what follows: Chad shoves his hard meat inside Revel’s ass and starts slamming. Revel jacks his huge boner, which he pushes down over the side of the cushion. Chad’s fuck gets faster, and Revel’s giant cock frantically slides against the sofa in a long and mouthwatering sequence. Revel then gets on his back and spread his legs, holding his hard boner at the base as Chad fucks harder and faster, and the two finally let out their loads, smiling at each other as a kiss ends the action.