Blake Mitchell & Hayden Brier

Duration: 40:04 Views: 14K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2019
Description: BLAKE MITCHELL IS HERE! The day you hoped for but never expected to see has arrived as superstar Blake Mitchell makes his momentous CockyBoys debut in a condom-free scene with his crush Hayden Brier! Blake is taken by Hayden's timeless masculine beauty, his joyful lust for life and those wonderful, nearly indescribable intangibles. It's taken a long time for them to get together and Blake wants to make it memorable beyond the Polaroid pics he takes of Hayden. As he takes a photo of a reclining Hayden, Blake's hardening cock is inches away from his mouth...and inside it within seconds. Hayden sucks him as Blake gently thrusts in and leans forward for a sensual 69, but he also lifts up and rims the perfect butt he's been craving. Even that's not enough for him. Blake turns Hayden over to take more pics of his bubble butt, slap it, taste and turn him over again on his back to devour and finger his hole, suck his savory balls and kiss his muscular thighs. Hayden makes it clear he wants Blake's dick and he gets it. Blake slides in and out deeply and raises the intensity level by gripping Hayden by the throat, kissing him hard, and drilling him deeper. They ease up for Hayden to ride Blake but on the way there they take a sensually affectionate & playful detour. Hayden takes this time to kiss Blake's body and suck him more and they're soon back in a 69 in which Blake eating his ass again. Finally Hayden rides him as deep as possible and Blake holds on to his narrow wast to keep him in place. Eventually Blake rolls Hayden to drill him sideways and from on top before finishing him off on his back. Blake fucks a quietly intense load out of Hayden and pulls out ready to blow. But he turns Hayden over again to glaze his ass mounds and lower back. They passionately kiss one moire and the smiles on their faces say this well worth the wait ...and maybe a another go?